Blog Holder’s New Year Greeting

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Happy New Year to all of you!

by Composer Leif Martinussen

Edition and English translation: Nete Parkov

Facing a colorful New Year bouquet in a vase on a small table. The sight fascinates me. I rejoice in having captured this small expression of nature’s grandeur and magic. The flowers have different identities – shapes, colors, scents and shades – their differences are obvious, and yet they are all here in the same bouquet. Although I am not a florist, I have even composed the bouquet, and on that basis it fascinates me that it has become so fine.

My New Year’s bouquet symbolizes the musical guests who have contributed to my blog about professional musicians in the first year of its existence – from December 2015 untill New Year 2016/2017. Any musical expression, deriving from a musical person, I see as a flower’s stigmas and dust cups lifting an arrow up from the flower’s heart and there – out of the magic nothing – a wondrous miracle dawning and growing. Being able to make music and being able to get the utmost out from the multifarious instruments or the human voice creates magic every time it hits the listener sensuously in his heart. And the music’s intricate magic potions can hit equally strong, whether it comes from the most brightly colored flower or a delicate flower in pastel colors. Again and again we are amazed by the professional musician’s personal interpretation, because the composer’s written music only gets life in the limited time in which the individual musician releases the music’s integration with his or her soul. And because every performance is an independent flower, live music is just as life itself – miraculous, magical and eternally new.

Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568-1628)

One flower can be grandiose and bulging – another simple, stylish and clean. One flower can be pastel delicate, soft as velvet, while another may flaunt dramatically in exotic colors. And in between these extremes the flowers might contain different expressions and properties of all kinds. But the idea, which one is the most beautiful of the flowers in my vase, does not arise in my mind. They all have the same space to spread in my designer vase. They are surrounded by the same green foliage, they all live in the same water, they absorb the same fertilizer and breathe the same air. Their floral scents mingling into one, and I lean back and inhale the aroma of the entire bouquet.




Thanks to

Lidia Ksiazkiewicz, Strasbourg, France – organ and piano
Carsten Corda Pedersen, Aarhus – guitar
Siobhan Lamb, Copenhagen – composition, conducting and flute
Charlotte Andersson, Copenhagen – saxophone, organ and singing
László Attila Almásy, Budapest, Hungary – organ
Klaus Bjørn Olsen, Copenhagen – trumpet
Christoph Neuerburg, Copenhagen – oboe
Bernadette Dobos, Souillac, France – cello
Ole Reuss Schmidt, Copenhagen – organ + choral conducting


Thanks to the musician couple Lise and Willy Stolarczyk for a culinary enrichment with musical spices back in the summer of 2016!

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We look forward to presenting new portrait interviews in 2017

Susanne Elmark, Copenhagen – soprano
Matias Hernan Sagreras, Buenos Aires, Argentina – organ
Mikkel Andersen, Copenhagen – guitar
Ida Spang-Hanssen, Berlin – violin
Lise Stolarczyk, Vejle – flute
Frits Johannesen, Fuglefjord, Faroe Islands – choral conducting
Mette Spang-Hanssen, Odense – cello
Willy Stolarczyk, Vejle – piano, composition

(The order of the upcoming interviews may be amended)